Meet NYAP Alumna: Adele Kane! (Fall 2011)

When you were with NYAP who did you intern with? How were your experiences?

I came to NYAP as a first semester senior at DePauw University.  I majored in Studio Art with a focus on sculpture, but was attempting to forge a career path in fashion.

I split my week interning with two companies – I highly recommend this for the two reasons: a wider set of experiences and the change of pace will keep you engaged and alert.

Monday – Wednesday I spent working at Jes Wade’s design studio where I learned more in regards to clothing construction and patterning

Thursday – Friday I spent working at Art Department a photo agency that represents photographers.  At Art Department I worked for the producer for several successful photographers… My host [at Art Department] was a NYAP alum and enjoyed being a teacher.  She took the time to invest in my learning and make sure I had a basic understanding of the overall dynamics of the company.

Why spend a semester with the New York Arts Program?

The program did a lot … for me but I think one of the biggest merits is that it provided an avenue to move to NY…. NYAP is an incredible program for any student seeking to spend a semester or make the move to New York.

For starters, you are planted in the most central area of the city, so you are free to romp around on foot J As a result of the typically high rent rates of the area, living in Chelsea is a rare opportunity for any person, thus living there through a reduced program rent is a huge plus.

Second, the NYAP internships allowed me to really gain experience and learn the fields of design and production.

The other reason to do the New York Arts Program is that the staff are well connected within the scene whether that be visual art, music or theatre…The sky is the limit…a lot of opportunities are just a request away so do not be afraid to ask, especially if there is a dream company you have been jonesing to work for

How do you think NYAP has helped further your career/Where are you now?

Loads and loads- tons and tons- I would not be living in NY right now without NYAP… Not only did the program help my aesthetic eye develop through artist visits but Linda, Susan, and those on staff were always available to critique my resume, cv, and interview skills.

When I applied to the program all I knew was that I was studying art, I liked fashion, and I wanted to live in NY someday.  After the program I had a much better understanding of the potential jobs in the fashion world.  At the end of the program I went back to finish my last semester at DePauw and my host from Art Department would occasionally email me with openings in the industry… [Through] one of the photographers we represented, my host heard of an opening to assist the producer at Vogue Magazine.

My former host reviewed my resume and CV and I applied for the position…heard back, booked flight, and then on my last day of classes at DePauw I received an email saying I had been accepted for the position.

About two weeks after I graduated I moved back to the program housing and began my position at Vogue.  And in a little over a weeks time I will be moving out of 305 and into my own apartment on the upper east side – with many thanks to NYAP and my former host.

What are you favorite spots to go to in New York?

Hudson River Park for running

Trader Joes and Whole Foods for groceries

Jackson’s Diner for the best Indian

Joya in Brooklyn for the best Thai

Chelsea Market for a fresh loaf of olive bread and a traipse through Anthropologie

The Met Museum special exhibits

Moma Thursday nights for music/drinks

Gallery Openings in the Chelsea area

Any advice to future students?

I could give you a really long-winded answer to this question but I will try to keep it to just a couple things.

1. Remember you are an intern.  Never forget you are there working for free.  Interns are embraced in New York with this benevolent/altruistic attitude – take advantage.  If you are working for a photo agency and your heart yearns to be on set for a shoot before your internship ends, politely ask, because you have a good chance your wish will be given to you.

2. With that said, once again never forget you are an intern.  Remember there is no task beneath you, be alert, and don’t leave before asking if there is anything else you can do.  Apply 100% diligence and work ethic to the smallest of tasks – – because if they can’t trust you with the small tasks, they won’t trust you with the big ones.

3. Take a deep breathe.  Your company is well aware you are a student –interning- and seeking a job after graduation.  I am not saying never mention you wish to work for your company in life after school, buUut you do not need to be a sounding alarm saying “HEY OVER HERE” every time you hear of an opening (This is a good life rule – no one responds well to desperation)

4. The golden rule of kindness goes a long way – Bees flock to honey – Always be kind and respectful to anyYoOone and everyone you meet because you will be surprised how small the art/music/theatre/fashion world’s are …even in NY

5. Get excited! 🙂 because any experience is good experience!!


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