NYAP Feature — Lizzie Hineman

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This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Lizzie Hineman and talk to her about her internships and adventures in New York City.

Carianna Arredondo: So Lizzie, before we go more in depth about your internships, tell me a little more about yourself.

Lizzie Hineman: I am a senior Art History and Communication Studies major at DePauw University in the tiny Greencastle, Indiana. I am originally from Indianapolis and this is my first time living in the city by myself.

CA: Oh really? So what are some of your favorite places you’ve been to so far?

LH: Hmmm, I’ve really enjoyed every visit to the Chelsea Market–whether it’s for books, or groceries, or Anthropology. I’ve loved our museum visits to the Guggenheim, MoMA, and PS1.

CA: Weren’t you working something at PS1 this weekend?

LH: Yeah, I was working the Printed Matter, Inc. New York Art book fair at MoMA PS1 in Queens.

CA: So what exactly did you do there?

LH: One of my internships is with Independent Curators International (“ICI”) and we had a booth at the book fair. I helped set up and sell our books. ICI has been publishing books since the 1970s and some of the most recent ones have been Thinking Contemporary Curating (2012) by Terry Smith, and Martha Wilson’s Source Book (2013)–It was really cool being down there with the art community. Lately, as a communications intern for ICI I’ve been helping them with social media strategies; helping with news letters, updating their website, gathering press coverage, and really anything else they need my assistance with. I’m really looking forward to the ICI benefit auction and we’re benefitting Prada, so the caliber of this party has been knocked up–so I desperately need to find something lovely to wear.

CA: That seems like a very interesting, and busy internship– I’m sure you’ve made some great connections. Can you tell me about your other internship?

LH: Yes. So besides being the communications internship for ICI, I am also working with Art in America magazine as an editorial intern and a photo intern. Mostly this internship involves fact checking and researching for articles, corresponding with galleries for images, and transcribing interviews so far. Actually, the other day I got my first byline on Art in America’s front page on their website: READ HERE.

CA: That’s awesome. What’d you write about?

LH: Come November, Christie’s is going to have a huge auction featuring one of Picasso’s maquettes. This comes from Krugier’s collection–whom recently passed away in 2003. This is piece is THE PIECE that will be auctioned off for millions of dollars–that’s what the article is mainly about.

CA: Sweet. Just to change pace, how’s the RA life?

LH: Awesome, I take care of our housing Sunday dinners and had the opportunity to make lasagna for everyone! It’s really nice being able to bring the house together will events like Monday Movie Nights and Sunday Family Dinner.

CA: It was really tasty by the way, a huge success.

LH: Well thank you.

CA: I really liked the veggie lasagna.

LH: It was delicious, let me give you the recipe to link.

CA: Sounds good to me! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and tell me about your job and internship.

LH: My pleasure.

Here's an image of the book fair Lizzie worked at.
Here’s an image of the book fair Lizzie worked at.

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