So this past weekend many NYAP-ers had the opportunity to travel to the 17th Annual Dumbo Arts Fair in Brooklyn. Lasting the weekend of September 27th-29th, this festival highlights “Brooklyn’s commitment to and presence in the arts community by presenting the best in local, national, and international art amid the breathtaking backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline” (DumboArtsFestival). Many onlookers can enjoy open studio visits, large-scale installations, poetry readings, and dance performances all through Brooklyn. Here are some experiences from several NYAP-ers:

“The studios were fabulous, and I loved the live music. Gypsy jazz rules!” –Jane F. 

“I liked that it was such a real city-wide event with different events all across town. We went inside this one building that had a lot of really neat sculpture art illuminated by LED lights with music thumping in the background. It was a really neat vibe!” Kristen S.

 “The Dumbo Art Fair was very cool and my favorite parts were the atmosphere and the people AND getting to drink a Brooklyn Brewery Lager in Brooklyn!” –Elly P.

“Being able to see the animated video Hello, I like you.” –Katasha R.

 “I really liked all of the video installations in the archway and the tycho drumming.” –Stephanie H. 

“Laying down on the lawn in the park” –Lizzie H.

“The open studios!” –Ha L. 


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