Katherine Watson is a senior English Creative Writing major at Ohio Wesleyan University. Katherine first introduced me to Chipotle here in the city and we often take late night walks to grab some fro-yo or spend our evenings at Argo tea to write (and she graciously gave me the chance to interview her here as well).

Carianna Arredondo: So we normally begin student features with a little blurb on your internship—could you give me a basic summary of your internship(s)?

Katherine Watson: I have two internships, both in publishing. I work for Grove Atlantic Press as a subsidiary rights and editorial intern–and I also work for A Public Space, a literary magazine in Brooklyn.

CA: Have you been able to meet any famous writers at your internships?

KW: Tom Drury is published by Grove Press and a Public Space and has been in the office lately— and was just long-listed for the  the National Book Award, so that’s pretty exciting.

CA: That’s great, what writers inspire your work lately?

KW: I’ve been reading a lot of Toibin and Alice Monroe lately. Monroe just won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

CA: What do you like about your internships so far? From your experiences so far, do you want to work in publishing or are you more passionate about working towards becoming a published author?

KW: I like learning about the many different aspects of publishing. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to work for both a book press and a literary magazine.

I am passionate about reading and I love the idea of being a part of the process of discovering a great book and sharing it with readers, so I would like to work in publishing, but not necessarily as soon as I graduate. I want to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing, or travel and write.

CA: Why do you think many writers come to New York?

KW: New York is a haven of inspiration—there are so many characters and cultures. Also, New York is home to a lot of well-known publishers.

CA: Do you have any advice for a young writer like yourself coming to the city?

KW: Be open and explore. And bring a journal everywhere.

CA: Could you talk a little bit about what you do in your seminar?

KW: We learn about the art of storytelling and we’ve had the opportunity to meet several people in the writing world. For example, Lucas Whittmann came to talk to our class—he’s an editor at The Daily Beast. We also explore different kinds of writing, such as, learning about journalistic writing, creative writing, writing for screenplays, etc.


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