This Saturday was the opening show for the painter I am interning for. I figured this would be a great opportunity to talk a little bit more about the work I do for Bruce Pearson and how he has become a huge mentor and influence on my time here in the city.

For Bruce, I work three full days a week for him—but that can always vary depending on the project we’re working on. Fortunately, I came into my apprenticeship/assistantship at a busy time and had plenty of chances to learn new techniques and brush up on my networking skills.

So the type of aid I give Bruce varies from picking up supplies (and lunch for us) in the city, to e-mailing several contacts, to helping him touch up his paintings before the galleries pick up his work. One quality that is very enticing and arresting about Bruce’s work is that he works with Styrofoam, acrylic, and oil—piecing his works together one layer at a time. He also uses text as another layering element into his work. Personally, being both a writer and a painter, Bruce is a great role model and exemplary artist that incorporate language into his paintings. Though, for this show at Ronald Feldman Gallery, there are a lot of new works that are very different from Bruce’s last show–this time, he’s incorporating sculpture and architectural models as well.

My experience here in the city has been quite hectic and if I could sum it all up into one word I’d have to spill all of my energy into the word HUSTLE. Bruce Pearson has taught me that we are living in a competitive world and if you have the desire to become a successful artist you must also have the will to hustle and compete. Never stop engaging in conversation with other artists and never stop working. Because believe me, hard work will eventually pay off one way or another.


Here is a great interview Bruce was a part of for Art on Air in which he discusses his painting processes: Bruce Pearson Art on Air Interview 


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