Kristen Samuelsen is a Junior studying Theatre and Communications at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. This pastThursday we had the opportunity to explore the Lower East Side together and sit down in Chinatown for some great eats.

Carianna Arredondo: So tell me a little bit about your internship.

Kristen Samuelsen: I work at Rockefeller Center for NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

CA: So how was your first day?

KS: It was really nice! I was fortunate enough to be eased into the environment because I was there helping out my boss a week before the show actually started. All I did was do office work- taping music parts together and archiving past sketch music- but it just felt really good to be there.

CA: Could you give me a little behind the scenes of what happens when the show goes on?

KS: It’s pretty hectic, but since it’s been going on so long, it runs like a very well-oiled machine. There’s always stuff flying through the halls like the Weekend Update desk and other various set pieces. My job is to act as a helping hand to everything music-related- lunches, coffees, paperwork, various errands, etc. It’s really exciting just to be there in the middle of it all.

CA: What kind of career path are you working towards?

KS: At this point, I’m not really sure. All I know right now is that I love what I’m doing here and if I could keep doing something like this in one form or another, I’d be completely content.

CA: I know you’re really into the Upright Citizens Brigade, could you explain what they are/ do?

KS: UCB is an improv theatre that’s super close to where we live. If you don’t know anything about improv comedy, I would definitely suggest checking them out. They have a free show every Sunday night called ASSSSCAT that’s pretty popular and really fun. There are a lot of good improv theaters in the city that have shows every night of the week- UCB being one of them. Another that I enjoy is the PIT (People’s Improv Theatre). It’s right next to Madison Square Park and they have free and cheap shows often as well.

CA: And lastly, if you could give any advice to someone looking into the program—like pack a toothbrush, for example—what you say?

KS: Definitely be willing and wanting to explore the city alone. Don’t be afraid.

CA: I couldn’t agree with you more. You experience things at a more intimate level, I undoubtedly find myself noticing the small details more when I’m alone. Well thank you Kristen for your time and giving me the opportunity to interview you.

KS: Thank you, not a problem.

Kristen also has her own etsy shop, The Pretty Kitten Boutique, check out her lovely jewelry!


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