Greeting my spooky readers,

This time of the year has always been a favorite of mine–what’s there not to like about candy, ghouls&ghosts, and carving pumpkins! So, to get into the festive spirit, we decided to carve pumpkins at the house and it was a huge success. Halloween is right around the corner and plenty of my co-workers have been telling me that the Village Halloween Parade is THE thing to do in NYC. This year will be New York City’s 40th Annual Village Halloween Parade. What’s so interesting about this parade is that it’s a public participatory event, people from the city (and even around the world too) are completely decked out for this parade. If anyone is ever interested in participating in the actual parade they ask that 5 simple steps/ rules be followed (taken from the Village Halloween Parade Official Website):

Anyone and everyone in costume is welcome.

Follow these five easy tips for successfully joining the Parade — the largest public participatory event in the greatest city in world!

1. Be Creative – Wear Your Costume! ONLY costumed marchers are allowed in the Parade.

2. Show Up on Sixth Ave between Spring & Canal Sts.

You can only enter this area from the EAST and SOUTH. That is Sullivan, East Broome and Canal Streets. If you come from the West, you will need to get back over to the East Side of 6th Avenue to get in the Parade. This can get confusing and frustrating so follow these directions carefully!

3. Arrive between 7pm and 9pm

or you might miss the Parade! The subway is the best way to get there, parking is always difficult and the Parade makes it even worse.

4. Find your friends, good music or a group to march with. If you are meeting your friends, it is best to meet a block or two from the Parade route and all come over together to the line-up. Even with cell phones, it is hard to hook up with people at the start. Nowadays the bands line-up apart from the general public, but there is so much good music in the Parade you are bound to hook up with some fun vibes to dance with.

5. Follow the crowd up Sixth Avenue (please do not go down Sixth Avenue, the police will stop you!)

N.B. The Halloween Parade is a 0% tolerance for alcohol event.

I hope everyone has a spook-tacular Halloween!


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