Jane Finkel is a Senior Vocal Major with Studio Art and French minors at Albion College in Michigan. Jane’s lovely voice can be heard beautifully cascading throughout the house. Enticed and enraptured by her lovely aria, I had to sit down and interview her for a feature on the blog.

Carianna Arredondo: First things first, where are you interning?

Jane Finkel: I am interning with Art on Air and the Clocktower Gallery, it’s one in the same. And what I do there is most of the writing (and write ups on artists) for the website and editing–I’ve learned how to do a little bit of coding actually. I’ve also helped with installations for the artists and well as wiring for the shows–there’s so many things for me to do and help out with that I really enjoy doing.

CA: Can you tell me about how you came about being a singer and coming  to live in New York for a semester?

JF: I know everyone says this, but I have been singing ever since I can remember.  Growing up, only my close friends ever knew that I wrote and played music.  I grew up in a very small town (as in 500 people on an island…) so when I had the chance to break free at Albion College, I joined almost too many musical groups on Campus.  When I had the opportunity to go to New York, I knew there would be ever more opportunities, so I jumped on it!

CA: Cool, can you talk a little more about your current musical pursuits?
JF: I am in a band called Less is More, which is a folk alternative band that Brian Spencer and I created. We performed together in a band all winter, but when our other bandmates graduated, we paired off and created what is now called Less Is More.  We play the guitar, harmonica, ukulele, marimba, toy piano, cajon and our voices… but obviously not all at the same time!  We wrote a lot of our songs on Mackinac Island, and played in bars and events there all summer long. We were fortunate enough to be able to play an entire set of our originals at the Traverse City Film Festival.  We are recording a full length CD this spring, and it should be released by the end of this coming summer.  After it is released we will be going on a nationwide tour, because why not!
CA: How has the city been inspiring your work?
JF: I am a musician, but I also love photography, drawing, writing, painting… I will really try anything.  While in New York I have been trying to get as much inspiration in all of these areas as possible.  I have been going to shows and gallery openings, but the inner-workings of New York are really what have been influencing my work.  I try to capture the vulnerable and unexpected sides of this city.  It is so easy to shut off and shut down here, so I  have to constantly remind myself to remain open to my surroundings.

CA: What are your top spots to hangout/decompress/etc. ?

JF: One of my top hangout spots is the public library.  I love how luxurious just being there feels, and it makes my independent study feel much more important under those painted and gold leaved ceilings. I am also a fan of brunch. We don’t have brunch back home, and it is going to be one of the things I miss most!  I love going out with friends and catching up on our busy NY lives.  There are so many amazing and competitive restaurants here, that it is hard to get something even mediocre.

CA: If you could give any advice to someone thinking about participating in the NYAP what would you tell them?

JF: I would tell anyone coming to this program to bring more money than you think you need, and less things that you think you need.

CA: Amen to that, thank you so much for your time Jane!

JF: Thank you to you too!


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