National Novel Writing Month!


Hello Readers,

November is quite a busy time for many of us here at NYAP. Internships, jobs, and many of events to attend. I just wanted to share some solid information to my fellow writers out there.

November is NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH. Which is a great opportunity to take on a new writing project while cozying up to a cup of hot cocoa.

One thing that I particularly appreciate about the official website to NNWM is the gatherings that are hosted in designated regions. I ask my fellow colleagues to check out the New York City gatherings.  I know plenty of us NYAP-ers frequent the Strand–this would be a great place to visit and start your journey of novel writing. The Strand Bookstore is a great resource and holds plenty of panel discussions, author talks and more.

If you’re taking on the challenge and writing you’re first novel, the website is a great resource that allows you to track your progress, get pep talks and support, and meet fellow writers online and in person. The website even updates the number of novelists participating in the challenge online, currently, there are 300,025 writers signed up and supporting each other.

Although it is novel writing month, I wouldn’t hesitate to explore other forms of writing too.

As a poet myself, writing in the city over a good cup of coffee has been one of my favorite things to do on my lunch breaks at work.

Here’s a great article on “NaNoWriMo” 

Cheers and Good Luck.


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