Hi NYAP-ers,

The holiday season has arrived. That means it’s time for chilly weather, christmas jingles, and– my favorite–hot cocoa. I’ve decided to scout out some of my favorite places in Manhattan to get hot chocolate.

1) The Grey Dog

242 West 16 Street
(212) 229-2345

Yesterday, Katherine W. and I had the pleasure of stopping by Grey Dog after a long day of working our retail jobs for the both of us. Let me tell you, it’s our new favorite spot to hangout and decompress. I highly recommend ordering the Mexican Hot Chocolate—served in a bowl of a cup with tons of homemade whipped cream. The atmosphere was great, they played good music, and the staff is very hip and friendly.


1100 Madison Ave

(212) 717-2929

After working a long day at one of my internships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my boss recommended I try out Vosges and order the Aztec hot cocoa. It’s a little spicy and has a nice, warming kick to it. Although it’s a little on the pricier side, do feel to try the chocolate samples they have sprinkled around the store.

3) The City Bakery

3 W 18th St

(212) 366-1414

Although I’ve never been to the city bakery, I’ve heard that this is the top place to get hot chocolate in New York City. The City Bakery writes on their page that, “The City Bakery is home of New York’s favorite hot chocolate as well as the one and only “Pretzel Croissant,” a pastry that’s sweet and salty and holds hypnotic powers over legions of pastry lovers.” Hmm, sounds delicious to me!

Stay warm everyone, and happy days!


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