So, I thought it would be nice to ‘interview’ myself about my trials and tribulations here in the city.

I separated my semester in NYC into topics for your convenience.

T H E  I N T E R N S H I P S

Well, I decided to come to New York City because I needed reassure myself that pursuing a creative lifestyle can be successful. There’s always been this cliche’ of the starving artist, but now that I’m here, I think it’s possible to get by with a slice of $1 pizza every other day…and then there’s Ramen.

Working for Bruce Pearson has been very eye-opening. Making and creating is one facet to the complex career of a working artist––there’s networking, attending openings, dinner parties. Artist must also focus on making the connections they need in order to be in the important shows they want to be in. Though tedious and meticulous, it can also be very fun. Fortunately for me, Bruce has allowed me to learn and experience the various routines of an artist: working, writing, researching, and my favorite, attending and meeting new people.

My second internship is also very exciting as well. I work at the largest museum in the United States, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The kind of work I do there varies from day to day and what gallery events we have during the week. I mainly assist in our Art-Making Programs such as Drop-In-Drawing, Saturday Sketching, and a Membership Class for Children on Painting and Printmaking. All three of these events are different in the types of participants they attract and the way the instructional process is set up––something I have found very interesting and helpful as an aspiring art instructor and educator.

This Friday, I give a presentation to small group in the Education sector of the Met. This semester I’ve been developing an inventory system and routine for managing our communal supplies that are used for various classes and events around the museum. Hopefully all goes well and they like the system I’ve created!

T H E  J O B S

Aside from working my two internships I also have two jobs, both are very enjoyable. First, I blog for the program. This is a great opportunity for me to get to know people in the program better and live vicariously through them. This job also motivates me to go out more and scout locations and find events for everyone here at NYAP. I really feel blessed to have met the people I did here and really honored to have spoken with them about their life and passions.

My second job, though less glamorous in nature, is at J.Crew in Rockefeller Center. Here’s the reason it’s worth the mention; not only because it helps me bring home the bacon and pay off bills, it’s in the all too famous Rockefeller Center. I’ve had the prospect of gazing at the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree right outside my front door, all while folding cashmere sweaters. There’s been concerts and events, and I’ve seen Al Roker dressed as Santa Claus running by the windows. That’s pretty memorable if you don’t mind me saying.

T H E  T O P  S P O T S

The perks of working in a museum is access to all the other museums in the city. (Wooo!) So that’s where most of my free time is spent, along Museum Mile and in Central Park.

Galleries in Chelsea are fun, but make sure before you venture out on Thursday night that you have a list of the shows you want to see––there’s no way you’re going to make all of them and thoroughly enjoy each and every one.

Grey Dog Cafe’ is a good place to focus and write (’cause there’s no wifi) and Five Leaves in Brooklyn is my favorite place to eat (get the pancakes with a cappuccino).

T H E  A D V I C E

Don’t sleep, you can sleep when you’re time is up here. Enjoy every grimy moment.

Start conversations with strangers and colleagues, you won’t regret it. It’s all about meeting people and making connections. Because I was able to help out with the International Drawing Conference, I then made connections with students at the Teachers College at Columbia University. I had the chance to ask them questions about the school and am pretty determined to attend Columbia in a year to study education during the academic year. AND because of the friendship I’ve made with one of Bruce’s assistants Irina (check out her work here), I’ve decided to pursue Bard’s summer MFA program.

Give it more than your all. Be Bold, work harder than hard, and something good can work.


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