Lydia Coe is a Senior (making her way to Super Senior) working on her BFA in graphic design with an emphasis in motion graphics at the Santa Fe University School of Art and Design.

Carianna Arredondo: Hey Lydia, how did you make your way to being the artist you are today and why you chose to study in New York?

Lydia Coe: Well, I was born in Oregon and grew up on a sheep farm with my father and brother. After my father passed away I moved to Los Alamos New Mexico to live with my aunt and uncle. Shortly after that, I began going to boarding school in Massachusetts, then after graduating I attended Santa Fe University of Art and Design. So I guess the main reason why I decided to come to NYC was because it’s difficult for me to stay in one place for very long. I wanted to come to New York City specifically because, although Santa Fe is a great place for art, it caters to a specific kind of art and I wanted to have a chance to explore a place where modern art is more prevalent.

CA: Where are you interning at this semester?

LC: I am interning with an animator named Marina Zurkow. I do rotoscoping animations for her. I am also interning for a musician Eszter Balint––for her I do promotional design work.

CA: Sweet, I saw the rotoscoping you’ve done for Zurkow, it’s great. How’d you get into graphics?

LC: In high school I took a screen printing class and fell in love with it. I was initially a fine arts major at Santa Fe, but switched over to graphic design once I found, my true passion with animation and motion graphics.

CA: What kind of programs do you use.

LC: Several, but to name a few I work with Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Flash.

CA: That’s awesome and I’ve also heard you’ve been hired by one of your sponsors?

LC: Yeah, Marina Zurkow wants me to continue doing animation for her. So I’ll be working from home and sending her files I completed.

CA: Congrats, that’s great. To change gears a bit, would you like to tell me some of your favorite places to decompress and hangout?

LC: I love Argo Tea, The Strand, and hanging out in Central Park.

CA: Good choices, I don’t know how I’m going to survive next semester without my Mate’ Latte. And any advice you’d give someone looking into this program?

LC: If I was going to give someone advice I would probably tell them to really look into their internships and make sure that that is what they want to do. I had a problem with an internship at the beginning of the semester and it caused me a lot of grief, so know what your getting into first.

CA: Well stated, thanks Lydia!


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