Happy love day!

photo copy

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved getting into the spirit of Valentines Day. Despite the fact that this year I do not have a significant other to share it with, I’ve come to terms that you don’t need a boyfriend in order to celebrate Valentines Day.

My friend in the program and I spontaneously decided to make heart-shaped pancakes for everyone at midnight. While a group was watching a movie down in the basement, the two of us ran to the upstairs kitchen, found a left over pumpkin mix, and started cooking. I must say, adding the blueberries and extra butter was a delicious touch.

At work, my job surprised all the interns and employees with a Valentines Day party in the conference room. It was so unexpected. The conference table was full of Godiva chocolates, red lip sticks, Mongolia Cupcakes, and One Direction cut outs for photo-ops. There was even a mini gelato sundae bar off to the side with toppings… so cute!

Though I did not make myself dinner plans, I ended the day with doing my nails, more chocolates, facial masks, and Happy Valentines Day Charlie Brown. What more could you ask for in a Valentines Day?


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