Real Men of Queens

This Saturday, March 1st, at 8 pm, two of the NY Art Program’s current participants will be a part of the Real Men of Queens: Hot Circus performance at Circus Warehouse. Arik Mendelevitz will be one of the “real men” performing in the show, while Katie Anderson will work the lighting design. Arik and Katie gave me some insight regarding their experience.

Q & A with Arik Mendelevitz and Katie Anderson

Taylor Zartman: What led you to circus performance? And what thrills you most about it?

Arik Mendelevitz: I walked into [Kalamazoo]’s student center during orientation and they were playing videos of different clubs. One of them was Cirque du K and [it] seemed interesting. I then came by for the first practice and never left.

TZ: And what led you to circus tech? And what thrills you most about it?

Arik Mendelevitz, NYAP Participant and Real Men of Queens performer.

Katie Anderson: Nothing really led me to circus tech specifically. I mostly work on straight plays, but this time around it happens to be a circus show because I know Arik and he put my name in as an option. But that’s how technical theater works. What thrills me most about circus over straight plays is that I never know what to expect. I am just as entertained after seeing the show for the third time as the audience seeing it for the first. This is also frustrating from a technical standpoint, as it is harder to think ahead when I haven’t the faintest clue what will be next, but you get over it.

TZ: What have you gained from your experience with Circus Warehouse?

AM: I’ve learned what it takes to be good and have been given the tools to get there.

KA: Circus Warehouse has been an incredible experience for me as a student. On top of learning how to walk a tight wire, juggle, and fly on the trapeze, I have gained a new perspective on the world of circus and came to meet the most interesting people. As a technician, it has been a bit hectic and this show will be a new challenge for me.

Katie Anderson, NYAP participant and Real Men of Queens technician.

TZ: What would you like to tell everyone who is considering attending the Real Men of Queens performance?

AM: Everyone should know that this Saturday they will be able to see some of the world’s top performers (including at least one former member of Cirque du Soliel) in a small, intimate setting for relatively cheap.

KA: Just do it. It’s fantastic.

TZ: What has been your most memorable rehearsal moment?

AM: My most memorable moment was practicing the first night with some of my new props. To learn why though, you’re going to have to come to the show.

KA: No spoilers.

Real Men of Queens: Hot Circus
March 1st, 8 pm
@ Circus Warehouse
Adults only! One night only!
$20 at the door

Article and Q & A by Taylor Zartman, NYAP participant and blogger.


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