Artist Lectures

I have recently rediscovered an appreciation of listening to artists speak about their work. At my job at the International Center of Photography, I have had the opportunity to listen to a different photographer each week lecture about their practice and their passion. Each artist has a different process and motivation driving them in creating and there is a lot a young artist can take from the experience. New York, being the amazing wealth of opportunity that it is, has several institutions offering talks by world renowned artists.

The International Center of Photography is offering a talk by Richard Prince on April 2. This is also available to stream live.

The New York Public Library has an amazing spring line up of artists and thinkers including Malcolm Gladwell, Kara Walker, Jad Abumrad, and Chuck Palahniuk among many others.

The photography department at MS51 in Brooklyn is also offering a talk with photographer Gregory Crewdson: CLICK HERE

You can also check:

Brooklyn Historical Society

The Museum of the City of New York

New York Academy of Art

The 92nd Street Y

This can also be an opportunity to talk to an artist you admire and get a signed book.



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