The Big [App]le

Participation in the NY Arts Program cumulates into a final project for each participant. Emily Kauffman, spring 2014 participant, speaks to the media side of the program. For her project, she turned her media aspirations into a short video about the reliance on apps in NYC. Check out her video and read an interview with her here!

The Big [App]le, a video by Emily Kaufmann

Taylor Zartman: Give a short description of yourself and your media/artistic goals.

Emily Kaufmann: I study history and media studies at DePauw University. In terms of media, I am incredibly interested in revealing alternate truths that aren’t covered in mainstream media. After college, I hope to get into documentary film or work for an independent news organization.

TZ: What was the most important thing you gained from your experience?

EK: My experience in NYC really helped me solidify my future career goals.

TZ: How would describe your relationship with the city?

EK: I feel like I had a decent relationship with the city. There were some days when I loved being a small fish in a large pond, but other days, the large number of people on the street became overwhelming. But for the most part, I loved living in the city, and enjoyed finding all of its unknown gems and freebies.

TZ: What do you suggest for any future participants, especially those pursuing media?

EK: Future NYAP participants interested in media should definitely be open-minded when it comes to their internship. I never thought I would be interested in being a producer, but after interning with one, I am much more interested in pursuing a career as a producer later in life.

Article and Q & A by Taylor Zartman, NYAP participant and blogger.


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