A Long Overdue Introduction…

The Resident Manager with much shorter hair. Installation by Eric LoPresti.
The Resident Manager with much shorter hair. Installation by Eric LoPresti.

My name is Owen Keogh, and I am excited to be the new Residence Manager of the New York Arts Program for the 2014-15 academic year!

A little background to who I am: I was born in New York City and raised nearby in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. I attended Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, spent a semester abroad in London, and graduated in 2011 having double-majored in studio art and English literature. Since graduation, I have worked primarily in the arts and publishing, for institutions such Exit Art and publications such as The Brooklyn Rail and BOMB, in addition to various part-time and temporary positions as an artist assistant, art handler, outdoor educator, and short-order cook. In my artistic pursuits, I am interested photography, film, and drawing, as well as the intersections of figuration and abstraction; beyond art but of equal importance to me, I am interested in skateboarding, rock ‘n’ roll, and barbeque.

We are now three weeks into the Fall 2014 semester and things are really heating up in the City — or rather, cooling down, temperature-wise! The residents have begun their internships and seminars, and thus the residence has grown remarkably quiet. Indeed, after a few brief orientation sessions and neighborhood tours, the residents appear to be assimilating well and taking advantage of what the City has to offer. As a would-be community organizer, my job has been easy: we have a great group at 305 West 29th Street who have already begun bonding together naturally. Nevertheless, I hope to facilitate this community experience by providing alerts to happenings around the city, planning events in and out of the residence, and acting as a guide when necessary. We have already taken a semi-guided hop-on/hop-off boat tour around the New York Harbor, and explored the parks and sites of Governors Island (pictures and posts to follow shortly!), with more adventures to come! Stay tuned!


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