Life on the Move — the Manhattan Experience!

New York City smells. It puts holes in the bottom of my favorite shoes. There are lots of rats and roaches and people…everywhere. New York makes me perpetually sick and slightly paranoid (okay, really paranoid)—and…I’m not sure I’ll ever want to leave!

With the program, we’ve been collectively living here just over a month. Routines, favorite places, and lessons emerge and every so often, as I look up at the skyline, pass a famous landmark, nearly get hit by a cab…or write my return address on a letter, I have this realization, “Holy cats, I live in New York City.” That’s incredible.My View Daily

My first month in the City has been full of those realizations. Realization that’s accompanied by this all-encompassing feeling of needing something to do, someplace to go, or somewhere to be at all times. So, today I’m writing to share the top ten tips from the City’s newest New Yorkers:

  1. Coffee is life.
  2. Never try to smell a pleasant scent on the street twice—no one wants a breath full of garbage.
  3. You, in fact, do not need to look both ways most times that you cross the street…because…they’re often one way streets.
  4. If you’re a dog, people will be nicer to you. Also the world is your bathroom. You will never have to wait.
  5. Sanitation grades at restaurants are a thing. They matter. Really though.
  6. If it’s around 5 pm and the train home is packed already, you can usually wait a few minutes and have a relatively empty train instead.
  7. You miss a lot of interesting things with headphones on. “The angels….the aliens….the end of the world is coming!”
  8. No matter what you wear, someone will always be more outrageously dressed than you (e.g. full Ghostbusters’ garb with equipment and 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts ((truestory))).
  9. There is always, always, always something to do, and finally
  10. When it comes to fruit stands on the street, dont go for the peaches, but the bananas are okay.
  11. Bonus Tip: Not all bagels are created equally.

So, there you have it (in no particular order). But let’s be real…I’m living in New York City, I’ve gotta get away from this computer and go do something!

My name is Meghan Cooper; theatre artist, peace activist, writer, student…and Live from New York, I’m gonna go do something with my Tuesday night…I’m not proud…but it had to be included! Until next post!


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