Contention Convention

Text and Image by Brandon Buechley, Ball State University ’15

Once a year in New York City, the comic book fandom converges into the Javits Center, a convention hub sitting on the harbor overlooking the Hudson River. This year, I found myself joining the masses.

Contention Convention

When I was offered the pass from my internship sponsor, I almost declined. Comic books and superheroes are not things I typically gravitate towards. What caught my interest, however, was the panel planned for Saturday evening featuring the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the highly popular television adaptation of the titular comic book series.

Naturally, I took the pass.

I arrived at the convention center early, with the intention of being one of the first in line, and made my way down to the panel floor. I was soon met with disappointment, seeing that the panel was already full. Apparently New York was brimming with Walking Dead fans much more punctual than myself.

I had lost.

Disappointed, I sulked back to the front of the building and prepared to leave. But I stopped, realizing that I was likely never getting this chance again. So I turned around and began exploring the convention floor, the large room filled with booths and monitors advertizing everything from T-shirts to video games.

It turns out Comic Con is a lot of fun!

Everyone was enthusiastic and boisterous, running from booth to booth taking in the attractions. I found myself right there with them.

And before long, I had burned through my Saturday morning and started chipping away at the evening.

Long story short, I realized that New York Comic Con has a little bit of something for everyone. It was definitely a major highlight for me in terms of my New York experiences.

If the chance to return ever came my way, I’d happily accept.


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