Finding My Religion on Broadway

Text and Image by Meghan Cooper, Earlham College ’16

Fear not, friends, this is no post about faith or charged religious views. I don’t plan to preach or persuade. There will be no hellfire or brimstone—just me, recounting how New York continues to deliver me at realization’s doorstep.


I had been determined to see Michael C. Hall’s first night starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and to meet him afterwards. And on Thursday night, I did just that. I was prepared with my sharpie, Earlham College t-shirt (my current college/his undergrad), and a single ticket. I came, I watched, I laughed and cried and felt, and after the curtain call, I rushed to the street to juxtapose myself in prime autograph placement.

I waited and waited and waited, pressed against a wobbly barricade, surrounded by people who all were there waiting for the same thing. Anticipation was thick in the air. After more than hour, Michael C. Hall exited to a roaring, excited crowd. With my t-shirt held taut, he finally came to me and did a double take (it’s no secret that he doesn’t view my school in the highest regard, but I couldn’t help myself from bringing the shirt anyway). Laughing he asked if I was a graduate or a student, and I responded that I was a third-year studying in the City for the semester. “Oh, with the GLCA program?” he asked me. Our conversation continued as he signed his last few autographs, and that was it. Days later, I had the realization that sparked this post.

Sitting in my favorite coffee spot, the Grey Dog, I mused that going to the theatre is a deeply spiritual experience for me.  When I sit in the auditorium, a still washes over me. I escape into the story and introspectively look at my life. I identify and evaluate and with applause I share my thanks for the story. I leave changed in some way, carrying the story with me until I return. I don’t have to like what I saw or heard, but I have to return. It’s what I believe in.


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