I’m Not Really a Sports Guy

Text and Image by Andrew Storey, Ball State University ’16

I’ve never really been a big sports guy. I’ve done it all: baseball, football, basketball, track and wrestling. I even played a year of college football and surprisingly didn’t end up joining a fraternity out of it. But it’s always been kind of tough being a six-foot-one, two-hundred and twenty-pound American male and not having someone come up to you and say something like, “You lift, bro?” I don’t know what it is, I’ll sit down and watch a game with the best of them, but I don’t put the score of the Yankees game on the same level as the Church of Scientology.


But last Monday I found myself at a New York Knicks game, and I have to say I was second-guessing myself a bit. Through the jungle of New York sports fans, I noticed myself actually having a good time. But I’ll be honest, I could sit through a political debate if there was a concession stand that sold beer and foot long hot dogs.

But more important than the game itself was the camaraderie to it. The entire stadium of fans, the really loud obnoxious fat guys behind me providing arm chair commentary that I didn’t want to admit was hilarious and even Spike Lee himself getting up from his courtside seats to argue at the ref, really conjured up a sight to see. Even though I still am not the biggest fan of basketball, what I found that Monday night at MSG was a sense of enjoyment and community wrapped up into a slice of New York I’ll never forget.


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