Using What We’ve Learned

We took a tour around the residence and asked the NYAP students, “What are you doing to apply the skills you are learning in your internships through NYAP?”

Kyle_Lampar NYArts NYAPKyle Lampar, Kalamazoo College ‘17 

I work with five other interns at Ensemble Studio Theatre and each of us has a branch of the theatre that we help facilitate. Every Thursday, we meet to talk about what we’re working on, talk to people associated with the theatre world, and plan what we call the ‘Intern Lab’. It’s a performance promoted, designed, and performed by the interns. I’ll be both stage managing and acting in two short plays that have been written for this occasion.

We’ve met twice a week to rehearse and will do so until we perform on March 17. As of now, it’s open to the public for no charge. If you’re open minded into seeing what a group of interns can put together within a 6 week period, I’d highly recommend attending.

Erika_Schlenker NYAP NYArtsErika Schlenker, Hope College ‘16 

At Grove Atlantic Press, I read manuscript submissions that writers send in hoping to get published. We reject a vast majority of these, and since I write the rejection letters, I have come to be more empathetic toward writers and people in general. A lot of us put our hearts out there in the form of creative work, and not everyone appreciates it. It’s important to respect artists even if you can’t say anything nice about their work, because it means something to them and that’s special.In publishing, I’m learning a lot of skills that as of now I can only see applicable to when I’m on the job and not when I’m in the real world.

Skip_Brea NYArts NYAPErwin “Skip” Brea, DePauw University ’16 

For my independent project I will be combining three realms of mediums with three combinations of music genres. More clearly, I will be intertwining graphics and mark making on a physical canvas. Exploring the history of music that was originated in the Bronx, my place of growth.

Mallory_Ward NYArts NYAPMallory Ward, Earlham College ‘16 

During the internship, I’m learning a lot about how new plays change during the rehearsal process and how important paperwork is in theater.  With my independent project, which is writing a booklet about dramaturgy, I’m learning all the various jobs a dramaturg might have to do.  I’m interested in dramaturgy, so learning about new and old plays is important.

Connor_Wheaton NYArts NYAPConnor Wheaton, Kalamazoo College ‘16

Taking paper mache to make a knife prop!

Connor_Wheaton paper_mache 2

11028899_10153078085449543_1333670388_oConnor_Wheaten paper_mache 1

Annie_Evans NYArts NYAPAnnie Evans, Ball State University ’16

In Lola Cohen‘s Building a Character class at The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, we have been learning how to create characters — how to bring an idea from a piece of paper and turn it into a living human being. I am taking what I’ve learned in this class and applying it to building characters for upcoming roles!

Shannon_Hebert_Waldman NYAP NYArtsShannon Hebert Waldman, Warren Wilson College ‘16

I have cultivated relationships with my mentors so that they are not only aware of my working capabilities but my personal interests as well. There is no such thing as a separation of work and life, I am working to have a better life working in the visual arts. When I share my personal interests with my mentors they are able to see me as an equal and share opportunities beyond this internship with me. I know that I will do the same for them someday and it is glorious to see this symbiotic relationship forming where there is no intern or mentor, but colleagues who are aiming towards the same lifestyle in the arts.


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