The Small World of This City

By Annie Evans, Ball State University ’16

You may have heard people say, “It’s a small world.”

Then take the island of Manhattan, which is less than 50 sq miles. It gets smaller.

But what about the world of performing artists? As we study all across the country and dream of the day to work in the hub of our industry in NYC, the world gets even smaller — with tons of people in it.

The world got a lot smaller for me last week.

At a theatre dance class at Broadway Dance Center, a handful of dancers prepared for the class. One new gal turned to the rest of us and said, “I’ve never taken this class before.” We discussed how great the teacher was, and all of a sudden, the girl said she thought she knew me from somewhere.

She recognized me but couldn’t place me, exactly.

After a two minutes of investigation, we realized we had been doubles in a production of Alice in Wonderland when we were about 8 years old!

From my childhood production of "Alice in Wonderland"
A photo from the production of “Alice in Wonderland” — Lindsey and I played the role of “Alice” in alternating casts.


My second musical in my life — with a community that nurtured my love for theatre — and just like déjà vu, our worlds have collided!

We may have played the same roles in this musical decades ago, but it turns out our lives have gone along a similar path as well.

It was wonderful to catch up and be reminded that in the “Big Apple” you are never really alone.

She mentioned how one of our former cast mates is now in WICKED on Broadway.

Who would have thought as I come to New York to meet new people in the industry, I find people who knew me long before my college journey?

Lindsey & Me!
Lindsey & Me after an awesome class at BDC!

The world of New York City is so small, but I am grateful to be working among old friends.


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