NYC Fun!

We went around the residence and asked students:

“While you’re here, what has been your favorite pastime or way to stay grounded?”

Connor_Wheaton NYArts NYAP

Connor Wheaton, Kalamazoo College ’16

Mostly just keeping working on independent projects outside of my internship. I’ve been making a lot of jewelry recently, I’ve made a mask…just doing stuff to stay connected to my art. They’re just vanity projects, really. It’s that and karaoke on Saturdays.

Paige_Guerra NYAP NYArts

Paige Guerra, Southwestern University ’15

Besides merely existing in the city, my favorite pastime would be going down the block to the Upright Citizens Brigade for their comedy shows. I find improv and comedy in general to be really influential in my own work, so being exposed to the immense talent there is amazing. Plus I’ve seen cast members from SNL perform there for $5, so you really can’t beat that.

Kyle_Lampar NYArts NYAP

Kyle Lampar, Kalamazoo College ’17

I’m either seeing shows on Broadway, standing in line for UCB Theatre tickets, or buying tons of comics at Midtown.

Lauren_Holler NYAP

Lauren Holler, Ohio Wesleyan University ’16

Walking through Times Square.

Erika_Schlenker NYAP NYArts

Erika Schlenker, Hope College ’16

I love thrifting here! Unique vintage items are hard to come by in my hometown, so I seek out new thrift shops every weekend. My favorite finds are: a fabulously tacky Christmas top, a 60’s bed sheet that I plan to make into a dress, and a women’s magazine from 1971.

Mallory_Ward NYArts NYAP

Mallory Ward, Earlham College ’16

I enjoy going to the Drama Book Shop and looking for plays. They have more plays in that store than I have ever seen!

Olivia_Passalino NYAP

Olivia Passalino, Hope College ’15

I like to go to dinner and read a book (people watch a bit) and see a movie solo!

Shannon_Hebert_Waldman NYAP NYArts

Shannon Hebert Waldman, Warren Wilson College ’16

The best thing about fun in New York City is that can be as much about intellectual pursuits as down time. Art museums are the place I go both to learn and unwind.

Stephanie_Cheng NYC

Stephanie Cheng, Ball State University ’15

FOOOOOD. I like finding food. And then in second place is UCB.


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