Farewell, NYC!

Photo credit to elitedaily.com

As our term comes to a close, we are asking:

“What will you miss about New York City?”


Connor_Wheaton NYArts NYAPConnor Wheaton, Kalamazoo College ’16

I think I’ll miss the pulse of the city, everyone doing everything at all times. It’s the city that never sleeps after all. Also I think I’ll miss just the absolutely insane amount of things to do.

Yohana_Nuwayu New_York_Arts_Program

Yohana Nuwayu, Kalamazoo College ’17

The atmosphere of endless possibility that I’ll miss the most, it felt like I had the entire world at my fingertips because New York is one of the only cities I’ve been to in America that feels like a true melting pot. I’m going to miss the sensation that I can try anything, meet anyone, and travel anywhere. Between the amazing transit system and the million and one different cultures that exist in the city, I’m really disappointed in myself for not exploring more, because the thing I’ll miss most is the ability I had to do so.

Kyle_Lampar NYArts NYAP

Kyle Lampar, Kalamazoo College ’17

I’ve made a home at NY Arts as well as EST and these are people that I feel I can count on. That’s what I’ll miss. Being able to work in an environment like that. In terms of the actual city, it’ll be hard not have selective amounts of transportation to get around. I also have to learn how to drive again.

Lauren_Holler NYAP

Lauren Holler, Ohio Wesleyan University ’16

The ability to experience art and culture everyday.

Annie_Evans NYArts NYAP

Annie Evans, Ball State University ’16

I’m going to miss the people in this program. We all have bonded over our love of art to the point of geeking out. We have shared meals and conversations that have been some of my top experiences during my semester in the program. My peers are brilliant, and I look forward to seeing more of their work in the future.

Mallory_Ward NYArts NYAP

Mallory Ward, Earlham College ’16

I am going to miss all of the theatre available and the Drama Book Shop.

Stephanie_Cheng NYAP

Stephanie Cheng, Ball State University ’15


Shannon_Hebert_Waldman NYAP NYArts

Shannon Hebert Waldman, Warren Wilson College ’16

I will miss seeing all the creative ways people bundle up against the snow.

Lauren_Perlaki NYArts NYAP

Lauren Perlaki, Kalamazoo College ’17

As strange as this is going to sound, I’m going to miss the noise, being sung to sleep by the sirens and blaring car horns. I’m also going to miss the pace of the city. I’m going to miss living a fast-paced existence. It’s sensory overload nearly 100% of the time, and not only does one grow accustomed to that, but after some time I believe one begins to crave it. On the streets, people walk with purpose, and they don’t look at you funny if you go flying into them (most of the time). I’m going to miss that.

And with that, we bid the Big Apple a farewell!


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