Park Reviews.

After being subjected to the brutality of a New York City winter (really, as a Southerner I can say that this snow is not for the faint of heart), there is nothing better than actually getting to walk outside without cursing your need to breath since the air is so cold. Yeah. I was ready for summer and I am loving every moment of the chance to get outside and sing my thanks to the sun.

Though it would also be easy to stay in the residence hall with the glory of the AC, I’ve been getting around the the green spaces of NYC and here are my recent favorites and a brief bit of why. Though after reading this you have to promise to actually GO OUTSIDE!

Sunset Park- Brooklyn


Yes. That is ACTUALLY the view of Manhattan from this park, which is between the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenwood Heights and Park Slope. Sunset Park is the winner for best place to people watch. Young families abound on the small playgrounds, couples lounge on the hillside, and you might even catch a glimpse of an artist on their way to the studio since this area is an up and coming spot for studios and galleries!

The High Line- Chelsea

DSR Highline 11-08 2835 WEB_0

Though highly populated in the summer, there are always a few open seats to rest on your walk from the 30s to the teens. I love taking the High Line as an alternate to the street when I am heading to the Whitney, or the Chelsea Market. It’s a great way to see public art on the way to see, well… more art!

Check out the current list of what is on view:

Wave Hill- The Bronx


Though there is an admissions fee, the price to keep Wave Hill as opulent an experience is totally worth it. I took my mother when she came up for Mother’s Day and we were able to see the artworks on view as well as wander the grounds and greenhouses. There are always new artists coming in to use the grounds of Wave Hill as inspiration! Also, read more about the history of the grounds of Wave Hill here:

Far Rockaway Beach- Queens


Bring sunscreen! Because you are going to want to lay out in the sun all day on this secluded beach an hour and some change away from Manhattan. From the residence hall it’s just a matter of taking the A train, which ends up actually emerging above ground to go above the water and over to just a few minutes walk from the beach and boardwalk.


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