Shout Out About the New York Arts Program!


Hello NYAP Alumni,

Over the years we have received many of your personal accounts of how the NY Arts Program was instrumental in helping you on your career paths. Whether it was through faculty support, the internships, the professional relationships and connections made, or simply living and learning to navigate NYC, the NYAP experience had a significant impact on most. This is exciting for us as it confirms what we already believe that the benefits of the NY Arts Program experience can be long-reaching and life-changing.

We are always trying to spread the news about the program in hopes of encouraging other students to take advantage of this opportunity. What we realize is that student testimonials are the strongest endorsement. Recently, we have embarked on a social media campaign in an effort to expand our reach and provide an immersive experience in the arts for future generations. This campaign will involve three major drives each year during the fall, winter, and spring. We would now like to invite you to join us in the Fall 2015 drive to spread the word about the New York Arts Program, in what we would like to call “Shout Out About NY Arts Program.”

During the week of September 20th through 27th, we ask that you share some part of your NYAP experience with an anecdote, photograph, text, work of art, or any other mode of expression on the social media platforms of your choice. We currently maintain Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, as well as a blog by our current students, through which many of you have already connected. Your contribution to “Shout Out About NY Arts Program” through these networks will effectively broaden our community. The NY Arts Program always welcomes news from all alumni, so please keep in touch and give us a Shout Out!

From all of us at the NY Arts Program, thank you for your continued support, and remember to Shout Out About NYAP @NYARTSPROGRAM!‪ #‎ShoutOutAboutNYArtsProgram‬ ‪#‎NYArtsProgramShoutOut‬


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