Our favorite little things about NYC

We are about halfway through our fall semester here at the New York Arts Program, giving us enough time to discover some of our favorite things about New York City.

These are just a handful of favorites from some of the residents of 305.favorites


“The arguments that happen between pedestrians and taxi drivers, being recognized by the guys at Pizza Suprema, the universal hate of tourists.”

– Alison Howard, DePauw University ‘16

“How everything seems to be one degree of separation away from the next thing. Also, the little routines I’ve developed, like stopping by the puppy store on the way back from Trader Joe’s every Monday.”

– Becca Zucker, DePauw University ‘14

“People who are sprinting to catch the subway, and the bodegas on every corner.”

– Cece Albon, Ohio Wesleyan University ‘17

“Central Park and people watching.”

– Alexandra Hill, Albion College ‘16

“The endless opportunities to just happen upon something really cool just walking down the street. Stuff that I would never encounter in my home state.”

– Allison Gobel, Ball State University ‘16

“Going to different Mexican food places throughout the city and slurpees from 7/11.”

– Michelle Roeschlein, Hope College ’17

“Being able to get anywhere in the city easily, seeing tons of dogs when walking around, and knowing that there will always be something to do. I love how lively the city is.”

– Daniel Brount, Ball State University ’16

“Watching tall men walk little toy dogs. The easy public transportation. It’s easy to walk all throughout the city — walking to Time Square is so simple! Runs through Central Park and on the High Line. Upright Citizens Brigade down the street. Broadway lotteries. Easy access to companies for casting or jewelry supplies!”

– Lyssa Matzat, Ohio Wesleyan University ’16

“$1 pizza.”

– Everyone


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