Attend our Fall 2015 NYAP Student Art Show

The New York Arts Program is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works and performances featuring this semester’s visual arts, film, music, writing, and theater students. The Student Art Show is an exclusive, one-night pop-up show with an opening reception from 6-8 p.m. on Monday, December 7th.

The work of nine artists and performers will be featured in the show: Cecelia Albon, Alexandra Hill, Alison Howard, Saeyeoun Hwang, Jasmine Lomax, Lyssa Matzat, Lily McBride, Mireille Recchia, and Michelle Roeschlein. Many of the works are inspired by New York City and the effect it has had on each of the individual artists over the course of the Fall 2015 semester of the New York Arts Program.

Audrey Miller (Ohio Wesleyan University) is curating the show, and Becca Zucker (DePauw University) is the assistant curator.

Each student is presenting different types of pieces,
ranging from film to music, and from photography to poetry:

  • Cecelia Albon (Ohio Wesleyan University) will present a short film chronicling a young woman’s daily routine in New York City with a twist.
  • Alexandra Hill’s (Albion College) fashion photography marries location and composition for a dramatic, bold effect.
  • Alison Howard’s (DePauw University) short play features three Shakespearean heroines (Juliet, Cleopatra, and Ophelia) who are stuck in purgatory and must find a way to escape.
  • Saeyeoun Hwang’s (Earlham College) work discusses the politics of identity via the medium of “Hello My Name Is” stickers.
  • Jasmine Lomax (Oberlin College) provides handmade art books, one of which is a book of her poems.
  • Lyssa Matzat’s (Ohio Wesleyan University) jewelry explores shape and form through the processes of newly-learned techniques.
  • Lily McBride (Kenyon College) will be performing a song.
  • Mireille Recchia (Earlam College) is displaying a book of poems.
  • Michelle Roeschlein’s (Hope College) collages allow a glimpse into the art of art therapy.

In addition to the individual exhibitions, there will also be a presentation given by Clem Banaszak-Holl, Chris MacDonald, Christian Sanford, and Rachel Shuford.


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