NYC to D.C.

Not that New York isn’t incredible, but one of its pros is that its location allows you to travel easily (and cheaply) to other cities on the East Coast – Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Providence… The list goes on. Although I was only there for 18 hours, I was fortunate enough to visit D.C. a few weeks ago. The bus ride was about $50 round-trip, and the ride both ways was a short 4 hours. I was there on a graduate school visit, but I was able to walk around the city afterwards until I had to get to Union Station to catch a bus back to NYC. I started out at the White House, walked to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, then finished with a walk through “The Mall” to the Capitol Building. I even got to see the famous cherry blossoms and some of the other historic monuments (all in a period of 6 hours). Oh, and there was a giant kite festival at the Washington Monument which was one of the most picturesque events I’ve ever experienced. Some of the students in the program are talking about going to Philadelphia for a day trip in a few weeks before we leave the city. It wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t in such a great location on the East Coast, yet another reason why living in NYC is amazing.

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