Cheapest Deals in NYC

Hello again! During my first month in New York City, I’ve learned a lot about the city. I’ve learned the basics of the subway system, which banks to use/avoid, the right choice in the Trader Joe’s vs. Central Market debate, and what time of day is the best time to use an Uber vs. a taxi. But perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned about the city is this: it is EXPENSIVE. So I’m here to share with you the city’s best deals when you’re at that vulnerable position between paychecks.

Best Show: ASSSSCAT at the Upright Citizens Brigade

If you’re a fan of improv comedy and have a free Sunday on your hands, this show is the bargain for you. ASSSSCAT is perhaps the most well-known group hosted at the UBC theater, with performances from some of Saturday Night Live’s cast members on occasion. The 7:30 showing of ASSSSCAT is only $5, and the 9:30 is absolutely free. Get in the line at 6:00 for either show. Tickets for both shows are released at 7:15. The free 9:30 show guests usually grab a drink and head back to the theater at 9:15.


Best Lunch: Pad Thai Noodle Lounge

Pad Thai might be one of my favorites because it’s just around the corner from NYAP housing, but also because of the $10 Bento Box. This meal includes rice, salad, soup, a California Roll, and your choice of entrée. You also get free unlimited delicious green tea if you dine in. All this for only $10?! You’ve got me sold. Not to mention, the sushi is incredibly fresh.


Best Date Meal: American Beauty

This rock-and-roll themed venue frequently hosts free live bands. Although this venue is small and sometimes a bit tight for seating, the deals here are unbelievable. Try the “Cheap Date”! You get the house beer, a shot of the bartender’s choosing, and an 8-inch pizza, all for $7.00. I’ve missed the prices of Texas food and drink but even for Texas, this is a complete steal. And the free live music makes it feel like even more of a deal.


Best Theme Park: Coney Island Central

Want to experience the best of Coney Island’s thrills for a thrillingly low price? Check out Coney Island Central. Adult General Admission is $25.95 for an all-you-can-ride bracelet with access to both the classic rides and Sunlite Pool. Go after 4pm and get this deal for $16.95. This allows you access to over 30 rides! Don’t forget to try the Eurobungy Dome jump for $5 per jump when you purchase a park bracelet.


Written by Meredith Atkinson


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