Weekend Guide to NYC

Hello all, I’m Katie and I am currently interning with Columbia Records and MBM Entertainment. It has already been a busy and exciting semester! Before joining the New York Arts Program, I had never been to New York. However, I now consider New York City home and have absolutely fallen in love with it. In this blog I would like to round-up my top favorite things to do and places to go! Consider this you weekend guide to New York City!


  1. Coney Island: Your first stop of the day must be Coney Island! Just hop on the subway for an hour and it will take you right there! While the rides do not run year-round, the beach and board walk is right there and you can still take in the amazing sights. Grab a hot dog and funnel cake for lunch and this outing is one no visitor can pass up!
  2. Brooklyn Bridge: On your way back from Coney Island, make sure to get off the subway right by the Brooklyn Bridge. The Bridge is absolutely amazing and the perfect walk!14212691_716540901817314_4408742502938375620_n.jpg
  3. Financial District: Once you’ve walked the Bridge, go on down to the Financial District to check out Wall Street, The Bull, The 9/11 Memorial, and all of the history and amazing sights downtown has to offer. This part of Manhattan is by far my favorite!
  4. Battery Park: After you are done sightseeing around the Financial District, head to Battery Park to sit down and take in the water. This spot is the perfect place to look in awe at the Statue of Liberty. By this time, you’ve had a bust day and its time to hit up one of the many amazing restaurants in Soho or Tribeca!14141888_714081862063218_7804161895951713308_n.jpg
  5. Central Park: Start off day 2 right and wander around Central Park for a couple of hours. I never realized how huge the park is, but it is never-ending! Everything is beautiful! I recommend going to Strawberry Fields and Bethesda Fountain. The park even has a zoo in it!
  6. The Met: Right by Central Park is The Met. One must go to this museum when coming to New York!14202668_713609982110406_4231909492180243613_n.jpg
  7. Grand Central Station: After all of that walking, go to Grand Central Station and take in its beauty. They also have a big food café in the bottom that has endless options.14291889_937111133102205_7331857585520056519_n
  8. Times Square: The last must-see stop on your journey is, of course, Times Square. At night it is absolutely glowing and an amazing sight. This will land you right in Midtown with endless options to see a Broadway show and adventure!

Whew! That was a busy busy weekend! But, you have now traveled all around Manhattan, and even a little bit of Brooklyn too! Good luck adventuring, the city has something to offer at every corner, you never know what you are going to find!


Written by Katie Tipsword



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