Fall in the City

Fall is my favorite season, and I have found this fall exciting due to the City! In New York, there is always something to do, but I find this particularly the case this season. Below I have included five reason why I have fallen in love with fall in the City!


  1. Central Park- While Central Park is always beautiful, it is truly a sight in the fall. With the leaves changing color, it is indescribably beautiful. I could spend every day wandering around the park.
  2. Ice skating- There are a couple places to go ice skating in the City, but I love the arena in Central Park and Rockefeller Plaza in particular. Ice skating always gets me in the holiday spirit and I love experiencing it in the beautiful weather.mollly-2
  3. The bakeries- Something about fall makes me want to go to every bakery in the city and curl up with coffee and a piece of cake! With so many amazing spots to choose from, a perfect fall treat is never far.molly-1
  4. The Events- While being bored in the City is never a problem, I have found that particularly the case lately. There is always events from dog parades, tours, and food tastings. There is endless opportunities in the fall!
  5. Holiday spirit- As you may have realized with all of these, fall gets me in the holiday spirit! The City makes it impossible to not feel the holiday love, as they start celebrating early!

Take a walk in Central Park, go ice skating, grab a cookie, and go to Bryant Parks’ Winter Village, because the Holidays are coming! What’s not to love about the fall?


Written by Katie Tipsword


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