Like many of my peers, I wanted to go abroad in college. I sought to escape my small campus and explore, however, I had no idea that exploration wouldn’t lead me abroad at all.


When deciding what off-campus program I would choose, I was stuck between numerous programs to exciting places in Europe. I was so excited about the possibility of living in London, Scotland, or Ireland; but then a New York program came into the mix. While I didn’t want to give up my abroad dreams, I was excited about the idea of interning in the City. This felt like experience that I could use to further my career, as opposed to a semester taking classes in another country. I have always always dreamed of living in New York City, this program seemed to be a test run for my dream life post-grad. 14237556_713314258806645_217540162347753601_n

As I further considered my options, I was weighing out what my life would be in Europe versus my life in New York City. I came to the conclusion that my life in New York City would be just as different from my small college as going abroad. 14291889_937111133102205_7331857585520056519_n

While I still dream of Europe and plan on spending my summer there, I am confident I made the right decision. I have gained valuable connections and made new friends. I now know that I want to live in the City after graduation and I have numerous connections to help me make that happen. 14729095_734560746681996_478725941767218_n

Thank you New York Arts Program! I encourage anyone making a similar decision to mine consider what they want to get out of their off-campus experience. If you desire a chance to explore other countries and travel, then go to Europe, but if you instead want a test-run of post-grad life and a chance to make valuable connections, give a program in the US a chance!


Written by Katie Tipsword


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