It’s Christmas Time in the City

In New York City, the end of November signals one thing: Christmas.

Everywhere you look, there are festive window displays, twinkling lights, and evergreen trees. I thought my mom was excessive when it came to decorating for Christmas, but New York takes decorating to a whole new level.

The kind of level where: crowds of people fill the sidewalks to catch the entire musical light display covering Saks Fifth Avenue, people wait in lines to see the Macy’s window displays, and Rockefeller Center is no longer a place where you can walk or even stand comfortably. Posters of Rockette legs cover subway walls and you can’t buy groceries without a familiar holiday tune banging against your eardrum.

Sounds of Salvation Army bells fill the streets and pop up tree stores make the street smell of evergreens. Even brake lights seem to glitter and the red and green of traffic lights have never emitted more holiday cheer.

It’s over the top. It’s crowded. It’s magnificent. It’s beautiful. And there is certainly no denying it’s Christmas time in the city.


Written by Kristen Canda


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