Dō You Like Sweets?

One of my favorite Christmas memories from when I was a kid is that my family would make delicious sugar cookies at my grandma’s house. She’d make the dough the night before and the next day my brother and I would turn into flour covered sugar fiends as we rolled the dough out, pressed holiday shapes into it and prepared crazy frosting colors to smear on each cookie after they finished baking.

During the process of turning her clean kitchen into a cookie covered mess, I loved to sneak pinches of the dough to eat raw. Thinking about the sweet, somewhat gritty textured deliciousness is enough to make my mouth water even now. Since the recipe called for raw eggs in the dough, my mom feared I’d get salmonella from eating it and tried to keep a watchful eye. Luckily, there is a new store in Greenwich Village that can satiate all my childhood cravings.

Let me introduce you to . A shop that opened this past week on Wednesday, Jan. 25 and sold out entirely by Saturday night with plans to be closed Sunday and Monday to restock. It offers shakes, cookies and safe, edible cookie dough! The dough comes in pre-swirled mixes of favors, including Confetti (sugar cookie dough and sprinkles), Heavenly (sugar cookie dough, Nutella, caramel bits, chocolate chips and sea salt) or the regular chocolate chip, among other flavors. The dough is available for purchase by scoops just like ice cream with the option to create your own sundae or add additional toppings. There are also gluten free and vegan options!

No surprise, something as awesome as Dō has been getting buzz from The New York Times and Time Out. I highly recommend stopping by once they’re restocked to fill your sweet tooth fix.

Do, 550 La Guardia Place (West Third Street), 646-892-3600, cookiedonyc.com.

Photo by Katie Boni



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