The NYAP Subway Playlist

subway music

The commute to work every morning can be long and tiring but is always brightened by good music. Here’s a short playlist of our favorite songs, albums, and artists to listen to on the subway ride or walk to our internships!

  1. “A Great Design” by Black Marble – Maja Olsson
  2. “Boys” by Charli XCX – Andrew Willard
  3. The Melodrama album by Lorde – Hannah Pikaart
  4. “Shake it Out” by Florence and the Machines – Jesse Lauramore
  5. “Pretty Boys” by PENTAGON – Hannah Smith
  6. The Tell Me You Love Me album by Demi Lovato – Madison Buechler
  7. “Besoin de Rein” by The Hellboys – Natali Cavanagh
  8. Anything by The Pretty Reckless – Jesse Lauramore
  9. The Reputation album by Taylor Swift – Alanna Henderson
  10. “You’re Blasé” by Benny Goodman – Asa Hendrix-Petry
  11. “Safeword” by TV Girl – Maja Olsson
  12. “The Way You Used To” by Queens of the Stone Age – Natali Cavanagh

(And now that Thanksgiving is over…) 13. “Any Christmas song EVER!” – Alanna Henderson


Written by: Natali Cavanagh 

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