Final Farewell from the Fall 2017 Liaisons

The snow is falling and the fall semester NYAP students are packing their bags… what a year it’s been! It’s been a hard semester: the city challenged all of us in ways we couldn’t have expected. But I’m thankful for how I’ve grown, and I hope everyone else is as well.

On our last blog post as student liaisons, Madison and I want to say a final thank you and goodbye to the NYAP and to New York City. It’s been an honor getting to know everyone, from our fellow NYAP interns, to our advisors, to our bosses. New York will always hold a special place in our hearts; here’s to our future careers in the arts!


Natali Cavanagh

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Q: Where are you from?

A: Fishers, Indiana

Q: Where do you go to school?

A: Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana

Q: What is your internship?

A: I have internships with Guernica magazine and Writers House literary agency.

Q: Why this internship?

A: I’ve been reading pieces from Guernica my entire college career, so when I was given the opportunity to apply there I couldn’t pass it up! Most of my publishing background has been in literary and academic magazines, so I was very interested in seeing how an established place runs. The subject matter was also very important to me: Guernica publishes feminist, global political pieces, from translated fiction to poetry, to interviews, reviews, and reported pieces.

For Writers House, my junior year of college I discovered what literary agents do and their role in the publishing industry– it sounded exactly like what I wanted to do! I was so excited to be accepted at Writers House because of their YA and children’s reputation (my genres): they represent John Green, Neil Gaiman, Stephanie Meyer, Barbara Park (who wrote Junie B. Jones!!!), and Andrew Clements (who wrote Frindle!!!), so– again — I couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

Q: Does this tie in with your major/what you want to do in life?

A: Absolutely; I want to share and shape good literature for the rest of my life, and I’m learning how to do both in my internships.

Q: Why NYAP/How did you hear about the program?

A: One of my professors at Ball State is the on campus advisor for the program, so I heard A LOT about the program from her. I’ve always loved New York, and have wanted to live here forever, so the opportunity to live here, work in publishing, AND get class credit was just so perfect.

Q: Where is your “hot spot” in the city so far?

A: I’m a nerd, so definitely the library. It’s not really a place to check books out, but the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I’ll go there when I need space to think, I’ll go there when I need to get work done, I’ll go there when I’m feeling bored…

Q: What has been your best experience so far?

A: Honestly, just walking around the city with friends I’ve made from the program and my internships. Finding hidden spots with them, grabbing 1$ pizza in the dead of night, and running through the streets like in Frances Ha are probably the memories I’ll hold most dearly when I go back home.

Q: Worst?

A: Um… I guess being cat called is never fun (but that happens everywhere). I don’t like filing at work?

Q: Subway or walking?

A: Walking! Although I really prefer anything over driving.

Q: Best events you’ve been to around the city?

A: Readings, readings, and more readings! I got to meet Celeste Ng, John Green, Stephanie Perkins, Adam Silvera, David Levithan and Sarah Dessen (all writers on my favorites shelf) at bookstores and events around the city. Keep an eye out for the Brooklyn Book Festival when it happens next year, too.

Also, there are lots of big names (celebrities, writers, artists, etc.) that have events in the city, but some of the most fun I’ve had are the eclectic, hole-in-the-wall parties and concerts that no one knows about. My roommate, friend, and I just went to a drag show/rock concert for the Pinc Louds in Bushwick, and it was the weirdest (and one of the best) shows I’ve ever been to!  

Q: Any tips on how to save money while living here?

A: BUY GROCERIES. Eating out has been the number one thing draining my savings!

Q: Favorite part of NY? Park? Midtown? Queens? Brooklyn? Etc.

A: I have a soft spot for the parks here: obviously Central Park, but I also love Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, and Prospect Park!

Q: Seen any celebs?

A:  I went to quite a few late night/morning talk shows while I was here: so I saw Adam Scott, Viola Davis, Terry Crews, Kate McKinnon, Patton Oswalt… there are more I’m forgetting. I also saw someone who looked like Michael Cera, and there’s no way to prove that it 100% WASN’T him.  

me and maja.jpg


Madison Buechler

madison 1

Q: Where are you from?

A: Houston, Texas

Q: Where do you go to school?

A: Southwestern University

Q: What is your internship?

A: Saturday Night Live – Music Department

Q: Why this internship?

A: My dream job is to work in television production and my favorite show is SNL so this internship was a perfect mix!

Q: Does this tie in with your major/what you want to do in life?

A: Yes. I am a communications major specializing in event production and with this internship I am learning a lot about how to effectively communicate with these different types of people that I have to work with weekly for each show.

Q: Why NYAP/How did you hear about the program?

A: My sister actually went to the college I go to a few years before me and because she was also a communications major and specialized in event production she had heard about the option of participating in the New York Arts Program to do an internship of her choosing. Though she did not study with the program she did tell me all about it and how some people from our school were interning with SNL (my favorite show) and I jumped at the opportunity to be able to intern with them. So when I got to school I immediately asked my career services department all about the program.

Q: Where is your “hot spot” in the city so far?

A: Bryant Park

Q: What has been your best experience so far?

A: Working at my dream job.

Q: Subway or walking?

A: Walking is always more fun. You really get to see more of the city.

Q: Have you been to any events around the city?

A: Many, but I volunteered at an End Alzheimer’s walk at South Street Seaport about a month ago and it was one of the best days I’ve had here.

Q: Any tips on how to save money while living here?

A: Buy groceries and cook.

Q: Favorite part of NY? Park? Midtown? Queens? Brooklyn? Etc.

A: Unfortunately I was not able to explore too much outside of Manhattan due to my busy schedule, so I am limited to just Manhattan with this answer. My favorite part would probably be downtown by the World Trade Center and the Battery Park area on the water. Or uptown by Columbus Circle and Central Park.

Q: Is there something you are looking forward to doing?

A: Seeing snow.

Q: Have you found any hidden spots in NY that you wanna share?

A: The Empire Hotel Bar. It’s right across from Lincoln Center and has one of the coolest and most hidden views of the surrounding city. It is a rooftop bar in a hotel so I don’t think many people really know about it. Every time I go it is not crowded and I have a great time.

Q: Seen any celebs yet?

A: Too. Many. To. List. (I do work for a television show that is known for showcasing celebrities)

madison 2

Thank you all, again! Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year 🙂

Written by and Photo Credits: Natali Cavanagh and Madison Buechler

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